LightSpeed Impact TrolleyImpact Trolley zip line trolley

Zip Line Trolley for Impact Braking and High Velocities

The LightSpeed Impact Trolley was designed specifically for impact braking and for higher-speed zip lines. It works with large or small diameter cables and can be used in single or dual line configuration.

It's designed to keep the trolley on the line during braking, creating the smoothest ride and mitigating risk for riders while also reducing wear on your zip line.


  • Dimensions (for Single Trolley without handle): 180mm long x 115mm high x 33mm wide (7 in long x 4.5 in high x 1.3 in wide)
  • Weight (for Single Trolley without handle): 550 grams (19.4 ounces)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 121 kph (75 mph)
  • Rated Working Capacity: 15-150 kg (33-330 lbs)
  • Working Temperatures: Minimum -40°C/-40°F, Maximum 80°C/176°F
  • Fits 9.5mm – 19mm (3/8 in – 3/4 in) diameter cable

Safety Standards

The Impact Trolley is intended for zip lining applications and has conformed as Personal Protective Equipment to CE requirements stated by Directive 89/686/EEC + Amendments from:

  • EN 795:2012
  • EN 12275:2013
  • EN 12278:2007
  • EN 362:2005
  • EN/prEN15567-1


A main strength of the LightSpeed Impact Trolley is its versatility. Our customers have many different requirements so we designed it with maximum flexibility. There are four basic configurations available, and each option can be set up for single or dual line installations. Each option is available in either orange or silver anodized finish.

Impact Trolley with T-Handle Silver Impact Trolley with T handle

Our most popular trolley setup, with the best possible rider experience. The zip line handle keeps riders facing forward with their hands free from the impact area (essential with impact braking) and pivots to smoothen the impact, swinging with the rider as they decelerate.

Basic Impact Trolley

Impact TrolleyThe Impact Trolley is the only zip line trolley designed specifically for impact braking. Its superior design and quality components make it the best of its class, and zip line operators can always add on features (hook accessory, T-handle, etc.) as their needs evolve.

Impact Trolley with T-Handle and Hook Impact Trolley with hook and handle

This option combines all of the benefits of the Impact Trolley, Hook Accessory (to help eliminate rider retrieval scenarios) and T-Handle (with knurled handles for maximum grip and stainless steel construction) – all in one package.

Impact Trolley with Hook

Silver Impact Trolley with hookThe hook is a part of a zip line trolley retrieval system that interacts with a catch mechanism on the brake trolley to prevent riders from rolling away from the landing zone, increasing throughput by allowing a guide to easily pull the rider to the platform. It even works with offset redirection lines.